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THIS SITE IS NOT A LIST OF BOOKS THAT WE CURRENTLY HAVE IN THE STORE RIGHT NOW, AT THIS MOMENT. If you want to check to see if we have a title in the bookstore RIGHT NOW, then call us at 603-431-2100 and we will check the shelf. If you are looking for a used or out of print book, call us at 603-431-2100 and we will track it down for you! Want to purchase a gift card for a loved one? You can't do that on this site, but call us at 603-431-2100 and we will take care of you. Want to USE a gift card that a loved one gave you? You CAN! Just have it ready when you check out.

Okay, we admit it. We are thrilled to offer you this online service, but we'd really rather talk to you. So call us, 603-431-2100 or, you know, come on by and say hello. 32 Daniel St., Portsmouth NH 03801

We love to recommend books! Click on the RiverRun REX link to read about our favorites!


Founded in 2002 on the banks of the Piscataqua River, we are a full service new and used bookstore, specializing in personalized recommendations and general grouchiness. We like to talk about books, movies, and town drama. We love to drink coffee. We publish books under the Piscataqua Press imprint, and we sell and repair manual typewriters. We prefer cats to dogs, but your dogs are welcome here. We hope that you will visit us in person, but we also appreciate it when you order books here, on our website.