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A Sound Word Almanac (Hardcover)

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By Bernd Herzogenrath (Editor)
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This almanac of sound words important to artists and scholars highlights words that expand the way we speak (and write) about sonic experiences.

Why write about sound, and how? If sonic philosophy is the attempt "to think about sound by philosophical means," then a metaphilosophical debate appears almost immediately on the horizon: What is called for is an understanding about sound and language, but also about the preconditions of musical understanding. What is at stake is the question of language and sound, as well as expanding how we speak about sonic experience.

This almanac tackles these questions from artistic, experimental and personal perspectives. An assemblage of nearly 70 practitioners and theoreticians, artists and scholars offer their favorite 'sound word.' These sound words are onomatopoetical, mythological, practical; words of personal importance to the artists and their craft; words from their memory, related to sound. Many entries are not in English - some are untranslatable - and all are accompanied by a personal, explanatory, poetic entry. These are words that have the potential to change our perspective on listening-musicking-thinking.

About the Author

Bernd Herzogenrath is Professor of American literature and culture at Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He is the author of An Art of Desire: Reading Paul Auster (1999) and An American BodyPolitic: A Deleuzian Approach (2010) and editor of The Farthest Place: The Music of John Luther Adams (2012) and DeleuzeGuattari & Ecology (2009). His latest publications include the collections The Films of Bill Morrison. Aesthetics of the Archive (2017), Film as Philosophy (2017), and Practical Aesthetics (Bloomsbury, 2020).

Product Details
ISBN: 9798765109052
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication Date: December 14th, 2023
Pages: 168
Language: English