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SHTF Prepping: The Proven Insider Secrets For Survival, Doomsday and Disaster (Hardcover)

SHTF Prepping: The Proven Insider Secrets For Survival, Doomsday and Disaster Cover Image
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Prepare Yourself for when Sh*t Hits The Fan

Are you prepared for when disaster strikes?

Would you know what to do to save protect and feed your family?

We live in uncertain times...

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic shook the world. Also, natural disasters like hurricanes Michael and Sandy have hit the country recently, killing thousands of people and leaving many more people homeless and injured. And what about the devastating 2018 California wildfires?

Terrorist attacks are more prevalent than ever. And we barely survived a financial crisis, yet we don't seem to have learned any lesson from it.

The next time around we might not be so lucky...

Get Your Copy of 'SHTF Prepping'

Would you be able to survive if a disaster or catastrophe changed the world as you know it?

A smart person wishes for the best but is prepared for the worst.

When you prepare for a situation where shit hits the fan (SHTF), you can be confident that you and your loved ones will survive, and be safe.

Why You Should Check Out 'SHTF Prepping'

This book 'SHTF Prepping: The Proven Insider Secrets For Survival, Doomsday and Disaster Preparedness' is all you need.

It is the blueprint for prepping for the aftermath of any kind of natural disaster, meltdown, crisis, attack, or any other type of apocalyptic event.

Here's What You Will Learn:

- Introduction To SHTF Prepping

- The Survival Rules Of Three

- How To Build A Shelter

- What To Stockpile To Prep For When Shit Hits The Fan

- How To Find Food And Water In The Wild

- The Basics Of Long-Term Storage

- The Survivor's Mindset

- The Gear And Tools Needed For Survival

- How To SHTF Prep If You Have Children Or Pets

- And Much More

Finally, as a FREE & EXCLUSIVE BONUS, you're also getting the chapter 'How to Make a Base Camp in the Wilderness' from my popular book 'Outdoor Survival: The Ultimate Outdoor Survival Guide for Staying Alive and Surviving in the Wilderness.'

NOW Is The Time For SHTF Prepping What you see in movies such as 'Max Max' and 'Deep Impact' may soon become a frightening reality.

If you prepare yourself now, you will know what to do to make it out alive and prosper when others panic.

Let's get started, shall we?

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781952772856
ISBN-10: 1952772850
Publisher: Semsoli
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2020
Pages: 132
Language: English