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The Hunkering Down Guide to Protect and Defend Your Home When Disaster Strikes (Paperback)

The Hunkering Down Guide to Protect and Defend Your Home When Disaster Strikes Cover Image
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No one likes to think about living in a world where we need to be worried about desperate people, including possibly neighbors, turning against us and trying to take what we have. But the truth is, we don't have the luxury of thinking any other way. It is an unfortunate fact that we face potential danger every day of the week and it only increases when disaster strikes. "Survival Family Basics - The Hunkering Down Guide to Protect and Defend Your Home When Disaster Strikes" is here to help you be prepared as best you can. The need to defend your home and your family can come in many forms. It can range from a home invasion to an armed encounter with marauders. In times like these making sure everyone in your family is ready to deal with the range of possible scenarios is the only way to put the odds of surviving on your side. Here are some of the things you will learn... - How to provide a safe, defensible location for your family to live during and after a disaster or crisis. - How to fortify that location so that it can provide protection against the new threats brought on by disaster or crisis. - How to equip that location with the necessary items to enable you to defend it with the members of your family or group. - How to stockpile the supplies you will need to survive a siege in that location. - How to develop the skills you and your family will need to defend your home. - How to provide an escape plan in the event your defenses fall or are overrun. From doing an assessment of your home to identify weaknesses others can exploit to deciding what kind of supplies you need to stockpile in case of siege, this book contains the information and insight you need to be ready to protect your home and your family in almost any situation. By taking the steps outlined here to develop your home defense strategy and plan, fortify your structure, stockpile supplies, and increase your skills you are doing everything you can to provide a safety net for your family when disaster strikes.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781500598426
ISBN-10: 1500598429
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 30th, 2014
Pages: 50
Language: English