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Gunfighter's Ball (Hardcover)

Gunfighter's Ball Cover Image
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Gunfighter's Ball is a fun, fast-paced tabletop miniatures game of the Wild West. This book contains all the information needed to stage action-packed shootouts, including:

  • Quick character generation and the ability to individualize them with special abilities and quirks
  • Simple, intuitive game mechanics that can be enhanced with optional rules for added nuance and realism
  • Scenarios of varying length for groups between 2 and 12 players
  • Tips to help the Judge run memorable sessions and create scenarios of their own
  • A section on how to paint miniatures

These rules tie into a full range of Gunfighter's Ball figures, buildings, card decks, and other accessories, available from Knuckleduster Miniatures.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780966704662
ISBN-10: 0966704665
Publisher: Knuckleduster
Publication Date: June 18th, 2018
Pages: 98
Language: English